This story was given as a witness to the police on site


This story was given as a witness to the police on site

It looked like it was melting and made some fizzing noise. The burnt edge was hard, black and crumbled a little. There were very little fibers that disintegrated into dust. Plans would go up again. NBN gets more money. Congestion is kept in check.. This story was given as a witness to the police on site.Later on DreamHack staff was able to get both parties to agree to settle this and move on. Loda wanted a guarantee that Richard wouldn spin this online which they both eventually agreed on.Since then Richard have according to me, spinned this as much as he can in all direction to try to become the victim and to bait people like me to overstep and react.Here is the truth from someone who witnessed this from a 1 meter distance and had to act with civil courage and wanted to settle this to move on without this being a public circus and popularity contest.Of course he isn objective, you don think he puts the business first when making PR statements about the incident? There is no way you would take someone word as objective in a similar situation if that person statement didn say what you wanted to hear.Is there actually a police report about the incident? Can you please link it? Im too stupid to find it. I thought the police was called, but they decided there was nothing worth pressing charges for and left?Getting in physical fights as an adult is really fucking stupid and means that at least 1 party is being an idiot.

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