Should we all be paying countries that still have swathes of


Should we all be paying countries that still have swathes of

Should all nations pay them to take care of the ice and the animals and plants that survive there? The same is true of the rainforest those great lungs of the world as they are called. Should we all be paying countries that still have swathes of forest left to maintain them and keep them in effect compensate them for the loss of revenue they would get if they were logged? And perhaps the biggest tragedy of all the ocean who does that belong to? UNEP and IUCN produced that terrifying report last week which stated it was on the edge of ecological collapse because of pollution and over fishing. Is that because no one owns the oceans and therefore no one really has responsibility for 75% of the earth? What about forming a republic of the ocean? If these ecosystems are so desperately needed by the whole world to maintain its health and vitality we must start to take seriously the question of responsibility and money..

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