Micropubs are different to pubs in that they are usually


Micropubs are different to pubs in that they are usually

This incident is someone doing something for their own ends whether it to feed a habit or simply greed.”Mr O said the theft could be connected to a recent incident at the Exeter Arms. Landlord Martin Roper said in the early hours of May 25 two thieves broke into his pub and stole thousands of pounds from its safe, plus 1,500 in staff tips.It also has similarities to a break in at KH Hair in Sadler Gate last November in which poppy donation boxes were stolen.The Last Post is a micropub which specialises in real ales, whiskeys and gins, and hosts live music four times a week. Micropubs are different to pubs in that they are usually smaller, do not have background music, and focus on high quality ales and conversation.Last year the pub and its customers raised 2,000 for Help the Heroes during a charity event.Mr and Mrs O are in the process of opening a new micropub called the Wee Dram Ale House in the Wardwick.

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